Frequently Asked Questions

answers to commonly asked questions

Where will my property be advertised? 

Your property will be advertised on all the major real estate portals Our agents do not charge for advertising for a standard listing on realestate (com)(au) domain, realestateview, homely, homehound and rent (com)(au). Print adverts can be organised for a small additional charge. Our main priority with regards to marketing a property is maximum reach, minimal cost.

So you don’t have a shop front! What’s the deal with that?

The simple answer to that is no. Shop fronts are expensive for what they are, most have limited parking, limited space, it can be difficult for trades to pick up keys and although convenient for tenant inductions, they are basically just multipurpose billboards aimed and building brand awareness for a particular agency. The nerve centre of Just Residential Property Agents is located in Everton Hills, with another space opening on the Southside of Brisbane towards the end of 2016. We hope to be opening in the Gold Coast shortly thereafter!

So where do you do lease signings?

We find it beneficial to do lease signings at the premises that are to be let. This adds a personal touch to the induction process, namely, that the agent gets the opportunity to familiarise the tenant with the property. It is also in most instances more convenient for both the tenant and the agent!

Simple is sweet as my Nana would say!

We don’t have receptionists to answer phone calls and look after the front desk. We use back end staff to monitor payments which leave our property managers to look after what they do best and that is manage tenants, landlords , leases and attend to maintenance requests. Our property managers are always pro-active and always on the front foot. We looked at the cost structure of our competitors, took away everything we felt was either unnecessary or at risk of being double handled and what we were left with was a streamlined business model that would be the envy of most established agencies!

If technology is creating cost efficencies, why am i still paying 8% to get my property managed?

We don’t know. Why haven’t you called? It’s a touch confusing when we read commentary regarding Social Media and how it is impacting and changing the dynamics of the Real Estate Industry. We agree that the development of social networks on the internet are a critical part of working in Real Estate and yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms play an important role in networking in the modern age, but we can’t help think, hey, have you guys missed something? What about the progress made in Cloud based data storage and Cloud based applications and the subsequent cost and time efficiencies these have provided the modern property manager!

“There is always a better way of doing things. The challenge is finding those improvements and successfully integrating them into the workplace”.
Rosie Sestak Principal/Licensee JRPA

How can you do it cheaper than the rest. You pay peanuts you get monkeys right?

This is the most common question asked by prospective landlords. Put simply, our systems and operating procedures are superior to most of our competitors. No window dressing, wasted floor time or unproductive enterprise here! We scream efficiency in every endeavour and demand the best outcomes for our clients in every instance!

“I have often read quotes that bring into question cheaper rate models. I have also read a number of comments questioning the longevity of such models.” Sorry guys. We’re here to stay!Our business model rocks!
Rosie Sestak Principal/Licensee JRPA

Do i get a property manager who will exclusively manage my property?

You actually go one better. All our Property Managers are actually owners of their respective businesses. Great outcomes for their client’s are paramount to their ongoing business success and ours. I think we have all experienced the revolving door syndrome, Where you sign a managing agency agreement with an agency who assign you a Property Manager and then six months later you have another property manager and then another. And so it goes on.